Dr. Cober performed my breast cancer reconstruction/reduction surgery. He is very caring, professional, detailed and experienced – everything you would want in a surgeon. I trusted him implicitly. He took the time to answer my questions and was detailed when explaining the procedure.

Dr. Cober is an amazing surgeon. He is compassionate and understands what his patients needs are. He helped me get out of a life of pain and helped me regain a normal life after cancer. I can’t thank him enough for all he did for me. I would recommend him to any and everyone looking for a cosmetic surgeon.

Excellent plastic surgeon, with the highest skills and experience, and truly an artist, a perfectionist, and a person with amazing friendliness and deep understanding of patient emotions and feelings. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me! You helped me feel and look beautiful again!

After finding out I am BRCA I positive, I decided to have a double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction. Dr. Sheldon Cober is a perfectionist. My new breasts look like my younger self and the doctors who have seen them say they look better than most reconstructed breasts. Through the DIEP surgery, my lower abdominal fat was transferred into my new breasts which is a very complicated and long initial surgery but I made this decision because I didn’t want to deal with implants and potential replacements later in life. Although it was three total surgeries, this investment up front means that I’m done for good. I highly recommend Dr. Cober!

Grateful for Dr. Cober’s Skills, Passion for His Craft and Sense of Humor

Dr. Cober is an exceptional doctor with a deep understanding of his craft and a bedside manner beyond compare. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and decided to have a double mastectomy, I researched all my options. Due to the complexities of a DIEP Flap procedure and the recovery time, that option was quickly moved to the bottom of the list. I met with several plastic surgeons and at the request and encouragement of my surgical oncologist she recommended that I meet with Dr. Cober. My husband and I went into the appointment with the idea I would have the double mastectomy and then do implants.
Dr. Cober’s professionalism, passion for his craft and calming demeanor left us well informed about implants as well as the DIEP Flap procedure. We were sold, his knowledge and experience were comforting and he confidently answered all of our questions. A few weeks later, Dr. Cober (and other medical staff) and I spent the day together, yes literally almost a full day as my ‘toxic’ breasts were removed and he performed the DIEP Flap procedure.
During the surgery as well as recovery, my body threw him some curve balls and with each one, my appreciation for him grew. His bedside manner, expertise, professionalism, and a stellar sense of humor remained consistent through it all and kept me in the right frame of mind for optimal healing. I am grateful for Dr. Cober and his staff, at his office as well as the surgery center, I was taken care of from day one. THANK YOU.

Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction After Lumpectomy – Portland, OR

I originally went to a plastic surgeon recommended by a friend. He gasped when he saw my right breast – it felt terrible that he couldn’t hide his disgust. He then blamed my oncologist that he did not warn me that my tissue would shrink and darken the way it did. I told him that my life was the priority, and I was not thinking about how I would look after, and was glad he hadn’t focused on that aspect either. I left in tears. His receptionist saw me and followed me into the hall. She suggested I meet with Dr. Sheldon Cober. I did so and couldn’t have been happier with our initial meeting, his concern, the time he took to answer my questions, the follow up and the work he did in general. In addition, he has a sense of humor and never made me feel ashamed of how I looked, or ashamed that I was choosing a cosmetic treatment. Everyone in his office were also friendly and professional. I have moved on from that dark time in my life, but recommend Dr. Cober very highly to anyone who is looking for a kind and skilled doctor.

Tummy Tuck

49 Yr Old , Post 6 Children.. and Post Breast Reduction 1 Year Earlier – Hillsboro, OR

I really wanted to regain a youthful body. I had my children young and still have a lot of energy. DR Cober was recommended by my PCP and I liked him immediately he has a quick wit and put me at ease quickly. His staff are more like family now. He was quick to respond to any of my concerns and responsive to any needs that I had. I had a pain pump offered and that made the procedure so much
easier for me.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction with Lumpectomy – Hillsboro, OR

He is very knowledgeable and confident in what he does. As a patient going into new territory, that was very comforting to me. I KNEW I was in good hands right from the start. He took time to go over all of my options and I never felt like he was in a hurry. He has a good sense of humor which made appointments more enjoyable. I highly recommend Dr. Cober to anyone:)

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction – Hillsboro, OR

Dr. Cober and his staff are exemplary. He is a skilled surgeon and perfectionist, in the best possible sense. I never felt rushed and he answered all of my questions. He’s an amazing surgeon and I highly recommend him. I am so happy with my results and consider my reconstruction the lemonade after the lemons (cancer).

Breast Implant Revision

Breast Augmentation Fixed – Tanasbourne, OR

Dr. Cober demonstrated a high degree of patient care and empathy. He was polite, professional, and thorough. Dr. Cober made several calls during the post surgery period to personally check up on the progress.