Abdominoplasty and Liposuction

Case ID: 0868

Front: 55 year old female, 5'8" 175 lb female who wanted removal of excess lower abdominal skin and tissue that had been damaged by injection of medications.

Front: Left photo shows pre-operative markings. All skin and fat in low transverse football-shaped area was removed (3 lbs) and skin in green-striped area was moved downward for closure with a new hole made to reposition the umbilicus. 1.9 liters of liposuction was performed from the entire abdomen and flanks.


Oblique Left: pictures are 22 months after surgery

Right: Note improved posture of spine with less curvature.

Oblique Right: In the end, the patient lost 10 pounds and went from a clothing size 16 to 12.