Bilateral DIEP flap

Case ID: 0891

Front: 55 year old 5 ft 7 inch 180 lb female with a strong family history of breast cancer and pre-cancerous biopsy changes. Wears bra size 36B and would like modestly larger reconstruction volume after bilateral mastectomy.

Front: Left picture shows pre-op markings. Green striped breast skin and nipples removed with mastectomies. Blue + signs on abdomen show site of perforators.

Left: Mastectomy volumes averaged 575 grams per side, with DIEP flap volumes 750 grams per side.

Left: Note better upper to lower body proportions.

Oblique Left: Nipples were reconstructed later with the skate flap technique and tattooing added for color.



Oblique Right: Post-op pictures are 17 months after mastectomies.