Bilateral DIEP flap

Individual results may vary.

Case ID: 0951

Front: 47 year old 5 foot 5 inch 173 lb female who had an 810 gm breast reduction 6 years before cancer diagnosis and still remains a DD cup. She then had a left mastectomy without initial reconstruction due to uncertainty of the possible need for radiation.

Frontal: After chemotherapy, the patient underwent right mastectomy and bilateral DIEP flap reconstruction. Mastectomy weights were 1350 grams, and DIEP flap weights 760 grams. She had wanted to be smaller than her pre-op DD cup, and was taken down to a C cup.

Left: Note all skin on the left breast below the tattoo is actually abdominal skin.

Left: Comparison side view pre-mastectomy and post-reconstruction highlighting proportional change.

Oblique Left: Note all skin on left breast below decorative tattoo is abdominal because of poor quality of native skin, whereas all right breast skin is her own with no residual abdominal skin from the flap.



Oblique Right: Nipples are reconstructed with skate flaps. Pictures are 2 years post-DIEP and one year after nipple reconstruction. Expect some further fading of abdominal scars.

Front: Picture on left shows prior to breast reduction, right side after cumulative 2,150 gm removal and 760 gm reconstruction.

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