Bilateral DIEP flaps

Case ID: 0910

Front: 38 year old female with strong family history of cancer and BRCA2+ who wants bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. She is 5 feet 7 inches, 172 lbs, wears bra size 34DDD and desires smaller volume after reconstruction.

Front: Pre-op markings on the left show transverse nipple-sparing incisions that allow for later breast lift. Transverse ellipse on lower abdomen is what was used for reconstruction with perforators marked.

Left: Mastectomy volume averaged 696 grams, and DIEP flap volume averaged 598 grams, resulting in mild volume reduction, but overall proportions improved.


Oblique Left: Results are shown 11 months after mastectomy and 5 months after revision with breast lift.



Oblique Right: