Facelift and Upper Blepharoplasty

Case ID: 1005

Front: 55 year old female who had undergone facelift at age 38 but now has signs of aging and skin loosening in spite of prior neck liposuction, injectable fillers, and botox. She also wanted upper eyelid skin removed. Repeat facelift and upper blepharoplasty along with a full facial TCA peel was performed. Note narrowing effect of lower face and better cheek tissue fullness under the eyes.

Oblique Left: Note more even skin tone from facial peel and eradication of the nasolabial fold from facelift tensioning.

Right: Pictures are from 5 months post-op. Note straighter jowl line.

Oblique Right: Note almond-shaped facial proportions and the enlarging effect on the eyes.