Abdominoplasty and breast reduction

Case ID: 1135

Front: 50 year old female who is 5 foot 8.5 inch 215 lb and wears a bra size 38G with many pain symptoms and headaches as well as wishing improved abdominal appearance.

Left: Pictures are shown 10 months after removal of @ 800 grams from each breast and 3.3 kg from the abdomen with hip and axillary liposuction (total @ 11 lbs).

Oblique Left: New bra cup size is C/D varying with style used. Special effort was made to sculpt and suction the vertical line above the umbilicus.

Right: Nipples were lifted 14 and 15 cm respectively.

Oblique Right: Post-op weight after recovery and gaining activity was down 35 lbs at 180.