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Case ID: 1072

Front: 48 year old female presenting after lap band procedure for weight loss.

Front: This was as she initially presented at 5 feet 2 inches 178 pounds, 14 months after lap band with maximum weight 300 lbs (BMI 55). Weight at this time was still dropping.

Front: The patient waited another 2 years with now stable weight 165 pounds (BMI 30) and ready for contouring surgery.

Front: Pre-op markings shown with all skin and fat inside circumferential lower torso lines to be removed, and all lower breast skin to be removed with elevation of breast tissue and no reduction in volume.

Lateral: Lateral view of regions to be removed.

Front: Post-op results shown 2 years after belt lipectomy and 6 months after additional contouring including brachioplasty (upper arm contouring), central abdomen, and medial thigh lift. Cumulative weight of resected tissue was 15.5 pounds.

Oblique Left: Pt has now stabilized at 5 foot 2 inches and 120 lbs, BMI 22.

Left: Patient still has maintained proportionate breast volume even with the additional weight loss.

Oblique Right:

Right: Note thinner caliber upper arms.


Back: Pre-op view of posterior upper arm regions.

Back: Post-op view after bilateral brachioplasty, scar hidden but running up posterior border of arm.

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