Breast Reduction - Short scar/vertical pattern

Case ID: 1229

Front: 18 year old 5 foot 3 inch 131 pound female who wears a 32E/F bra and has significant pain in multiple areas.

Front: Vertical pattern (short scar) was chosen since the patient did not have excessive ptosis (dropping) of breast, and more youthful skin has a better capacity for elasticity.

Left: With this technique, good anterior projection is often maintained.

Oblique Left: This technique requires no transverse scar along the lower breast fold (inframammary fold).

Right: Post-op bra size is 32D.

Oblique Right: Tissue removed weighed 441 gm on the right and 406 gm on the left (cumulative total @ 2 pounds). Post-op pictures are taken at 6 months with significant scar fading expected.