Latissimus Dorsi Flap plus Implant

Case ID: 1255

Front: 47 year old patient diagnosed with cancer in the right breast, treated with lumpectomy followed by chemo and radiation. Already small breasted, the lumpectomy defect combined with shrinkage from radiation left her with a noticeable deficit. She wanted reconstruction and bilateral volume enhancement.

Oblique Left: To rebuild the right side, she had a latissimus dorsi flap and saline moderate profile 310 ml implant placed. To augment the left side, she had a 230 ml saline implant placed.

Right: Here it is noticed how much fullness has been restored in the lower right breast lumpectomy defect.

Oblique Right: Pictures are 16 months post-op. Note the small patch of skin on the right lower breast that has been transferred from the back with the latissimus flap.

Back: From the back, notice the donor scar, which is usually easily hidden under a bra.